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Distribution of Funds

Our Promise

Advancing the Quality & Access

of Care for Our Whidbey Community

At WhidbeyHealthFoundation, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable rural healthcare solutions that enrich the quality of care on Whidbey Island. Our goal is to advance patient care, empower healthcare professionals, strengthen the community's economic vitality and secure access to high-quality healthcare for all. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved and support our cause.

Distribution of Funds

Donors to WhidbeyHealth, be they individuals or organizations, may elect to have their gifts designated to one of two types of Funds.

Restricted Funds

Have been designated by the donor for a specific purpose. These funds may be
designated to support a given WhidbeyHealth Department or a given cause. Examples include the purchase or upgrade of medical equipment or software, the provision of a medical service, remodel of an area of the WhidbeyHealth system facilities, employee scholarships or perhaps a defined capital project.


Unrestricted Funds

Have not been designated by the donor for a specific cause or fund, or have
been designated "greatest need”. The donor has assigned the distribution decision to the Foundation Board.

In keeping with the WhidbeyHealth Foundation mission, Foundation funds are disbursed on formal
request from entities within WhidbeyHealth.

Program Disbursement Services






Patient Vouchers


Capital Projects

Exclusive Services

In keeping with the WhidbeyHealth Foundation mission, Foundation funds are disbursed on formal request from entities within WhidbeyHealth in 4 ways: 


Grants serve as vital resources allocated to departments or clinics that seek to enhance their facilities, services, and overall patient care. These grants are specifically designated for acquiring medical equipment, software, and conducting minor facility upgrades, all aimed at improving patient outcomes and ensuring the safety of both patients and staff.

These funds are utilized to procure essential equipment and software that can significantly impact the quality of care provided to multiple patients. Whether it's acquiring state-of-the-art medical devices, upgrading essential software systems to streamline operations, or implementing minor facility enhancements to create a safer environment for patients and staff, these grants play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare delivery.

Furthermore, grants may draw upon restricted funds, which are earmarked for specific purposes, or a combination of restricted and unrestricted funds. This flexibility allows the Foundation to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that grants are utilized effectively to address the most pressing needs within the healthcare facility while adhering to donor intentions and financial constraints.



Scholarships may be awarded to WhidbeyHealth medical professionals and employees drawing on funds designated specifically for scholarships, unrestricted funds, or a combination of both.

The WhidbeyHealth Foundation Scholarship program aims to foster and support the dedication of WhidbeyHealth employees to delivering state-of-the-art care to our patients and their families. Whether through direct patient care or the enhancement of healthcare system efficiency and effectiveness, these scholarships empower employees to further their professional development.


Professional Development Programs

The Foundation's scholarships cover various professional development opportunities, including:

  • Training classes

  • Conference | Seminar 

  • Apprenticeships

  • Certification activities


Scholarship funds are intended to cover expenses such as class tuition, books, lab fees, and related transportation and housing costs in accordance with the WhidbeyHealth travel policy.

Scholarships are NOT awarded for participation in classes or programs required to maintain existing certifications. Such expenses are expected to be covered through departmental budgets or the individual's personal funds.

Employees Eligible to Submit Applications
Eligibility for scholarship applications is extended to any current full-time employee of WhidbeyHealth who meets the following criteria:

  • Has been employed continuously for at least one year

  • Intends to remain employed by WhidbeyHealth for at least one continuous year following the completion of the scholarship-funded activity

  • Has received a performance review rating of "meets expectations" or better

  • Has no current disciplinary actions on their personnel file

Scholarship Categories

  • One-time, limited training events such as conferences or short-term classes

  • WhidbeyHealth-endorsed multi-day or multi-session classes, such as LEAD for managers and similar programs for other roles within the organization

  • Extensive programs spanning multiple semesters and involving formal degrees or advanced credentials. Employees awarded scholarships at this level are designated as "high value" by their management, and they are required to commit to remaining with WhidbeyHealth for at least two years following the completion of the program for which the award is given.


Patient Vouchers

Vouchers disbursements are made in response to WhidbeyHealth medical professionals who request or authorize reimbursement for expenditures by or on behalf of individual patients. These vouchers serve as a means to access funds that have been designated to cover or reimburse expenses for individual out-patients.


They may be utilized for various purposes, including obtaining mobility aids such as walkers, canes, and braces, acquiring prescription medications, acquiring modest rehabilitation equipment or tools, and securing at-home conveniences to assist with daily routines such as hygiene, dressing, eating, and sleeping.

WhidbeyHealth Pharmacy, Hospice, Emergency Department physicians, and occasionally other Medical Center physicians utilize vouchers for prescribing medications upon patients' release from the Medical Center. 


Capital Projects

Capital projects represent significant initiatives that necessitate substantial funding and often involve a comprehensive fundraising campaign that mobilizes various funding sources over an extended period. These projects typically encompass the acquisition of high-cost equipment, implementation of specialized software systems, renovation of existing facilities, or even the construction of new infrastructure.

Embarking on a capital project entails meticulous planning and coordination to secure the financial resources required for successful implementation. Fundraising efforts may involve engaging with individual donors, corporate sponsors, philanthropic foundations, and government agencies to garner the necessary support.


Additionally, capital projects often rely on a combination of fundraising strategies, such as direct donations, grants, sponsorships, and fundraising events, to maximize contributions and achieve fundraising goals.

The scope and scale of capital projects demand careful consideration of budgetary constraints, project timelines, and the overall impact on patient care and facility operations. As such, capital projects represent significant investments aimed at enhancing the quality of healthcare services, expanding infrastructure capabilities, and ultimately benefiting the entire community served by the healthcare organization.

Let's Make A Change

Your support helps us continue providing sustainable healthcare solutions for our community.
Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Here are some ways you can donate:


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