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Bill McDaniel | M.D, RADM (Ret.)

Former commanding officer of four Naval hospitals | Unique distinction of being the only medical officer to ever hold position of deputy commander of US Pacific command | Author & Lecturer

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Meet Bill 

William J. McDaniel, MD, is a retired Navy Rear Admiral with 32 years in the Navy. 

He commanded 4 Naval Hospitals while he was Active Duty, and has sat on multiple boards in diverse companies since retiring from the Navy in 1997. 

He currently is on the board of advisors for 27 psychiatric hospitals owned by Universal Health Systems; these facilities treat Active Duty and retired veterans for PTSD. He has been invited to be on the Secretary of Defense’s Health Care Advisory Board. 

He chose to be on the Whidbey Health Foundation after his wife received such outstanding care in her hospitalizations in the Whidbey Health System during her last years of life. 

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