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Phoebe Keliikupakako

Boston University graduate with BA in Political Science | Former Alumnae Relations Director for the Eta Chi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta | Skilled in customer service, digital marketing, and donor relations.

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Meet Phoebe 

Phoebe, a recent graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, brings a diverse background spanning customer service, digital marketing, and donor relations.

At WhidbeyHealth Foundation, Phoebe builds and nurtures relationships with donors, leveraging her strong interpersonal skills and strategic communication to connect with supporters. She crafts compelling campaigns that engage donors and drive contributions while ensuring donor stewardship and retention through thoughtful acknowledgment and recognition.

In her recent role as a Client Success Coordinator at Anderson Business Advisors, a law firm, Phoebe leveraged her customer service skills to enhance client experience. Handling 150 inquiries weekly in a remote setting, she served as the primary contact for clients, aiding in Asset Protection Structures setup. Trained in G-Suite and Salesforce, Phoebe showcased adaptability and problem-solving prowess, ensuring efficient client interactions.

During her tenure at Boston University School of Law, Phoebe showcased her talent for donor research and donor relations. Phoebe's mastery of various technology systems, including Blackbaud CRM, enabled her to effectively support donor engagement initiatives and contribute to the advancement of fundraising efforts.

Phoebe's expertise extends to conducting comprehensive donor research, allowing her to tailor outreach strategies and engagement initiatives to effectively connect with potential supporters. Through personalized communication and strategic stewardship, she ensures that donors feel valued and appreciated, fostering long-term partnerships and driving sustained support for WhidbeyHealth Foundation's mission.

With her passion for making a difference and her dedication to excellence, Phoebe is committed to advancing WhidbeyHealth  Foundation's fundraising goals and fostering lasting relationships that propel the organization's mission forward.

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