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Michelle Munro | M.S

Nonprofit Leader | Expertise in mental health, disability, domestic violence matters | Former Director of Operations for AIDS Housing of WA | Former President of Summit Assistance Dogs | Former president of Rotary Club of South Whidbey

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Meet Michelle

Michelle moved to Whidbey in June of 2020, during the COVID pandemic, with her wife, Jeaneen.

Michelle and Jeaneen are both retired and love their home and more broadly, their island community.

Michelle's work experience includes serving as Director of Operations for AIDS Housing of Washington, Executive Director of Seattle Counseling Services (a community mental health agency), and Children’s Program Director of Eastside Domestic Violence Program.

Employed until 2001, Michelle became disabled due to an autoimmune disease and have since served her community as a volunteer. Her first opportunity was when she became eligible for a mobility service dog. She received her first one in 2007 from Summit Assistance Dogs and fell in love with the agency where she began speaking for them and volunteering as a board member. It was less than a year when she was elected as President of the board and served in that position, in addition to doing public education and speaking events for over 11 years. Michelle's second service dog, Theo is from them, and she is still passionate about telling others of their services. 

Upon moving to the island, Michelle sought a group to work with throughout the pandemic. She found the Rotary Club of South Whidbey Island and enjoyed serving the community with the other members. After 6 months, Michelle was elected President. After serving that year, she stepped away to pursue other types of volunteering.

Michelle brings a great deal of experience in nonprofit management, oversight and understanding of federal, state and local requirements related to the responsible operations of a nonprofit. She is known for her ability to form strong relationships with constituents and work with many types of individuals in a way that builds community and trust.

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